Monday, December 14, 2009

The HEAT is still on in China (stock/trading)

Was reading through my IBD Monday Special and came across this stock which caught my eye. It also happened to catch the eye of a lot of other people, as it went up about 8% today. The company essentially makes heating systems in China. It can get pretty cold in China and the majority of buildings still use out-of-date heating technology. A nice article with more information about this company can be found here. As the company's relatively newer technology is more efficient than the outstanding technology, this can also be viewed as a green investment. The fundamental numbers are also quite strong, with earnings that have beat analyst estimates for quite a few quarters now, and a very high ROE.

While that IBD article came out a little while ago, the stock caught my eye today because it finally made new highs above $15, a level at which some institutional investors start paying attention. A lot of China-based stocks have been doing very well, such as RINO, DGW, and ASIA, and I can easily see this one performing similarly and reaching $30+ in the future. As always, everyone needs to do his/her own homework when it comes to investing, but I think this stock is definitely worth a look and a follow.

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