Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More Fried Chicken (food)

I managed to get another reservation for the Momofuku fried chicken, this time for a Friday night. As we were waiting in line to get in, I saw Ko chef de cuisine Peter Serpico. I didn't want to bother him on his night off, but did want to offer a gesture, so I asked my server to send over a couple pieces of chicken for him and his girlfriend. Instead, I got the manager (I think) coming over and telling me that he can have the fried chicken at any time and asked whether I wanted to just give him a message instead. Oh well, that's Momofuku for ya.

They now officially say that it's two and a quarter chickens. For dinner, I think that it feeds about 5 people. We were 4, and after we were done, we each took a leftover piece home. The Korean fried chicken was spicier and less sweet compared to last time. I think I liked that version last time better. However, I thought it was perfect when I ate it cold the next morning.

The veggies and sauces were the same, and I think the ginger scallion again stood out as everyone's favorite.

At one point during our meal, a big guy at the table next to us asked us about the chicken. We explained that this had to be specially reserved, and he said pretty loudly, "But it looks so good!" I think we all entertained the idea of sharing a piece for about 2 seconds before we came to our senses.


Memphis MOJO said...

I'm going to have to remember not to come here when I'm hungry.

The Pretender said...

I don't know how to warn people about that. I couldn't find a word related to food/eating that ended in -ambling.

By the way, MOJO, I added you to my blog list. Cheers.

Josekin said...

Canon hasn't arrived yet? Is that your phone camera?

The Pretender said...

These were taken with friends' phone camera. I expect canon to arrive in late Jan