Thursday, September 18, 2008

Blue Hill

Being one of the few people who dropped a bunch of money on a day where many current and former coworkers made ridiculous sums, I needed a good meal to ease the pain. Being in the area, I stopped by Blue Hill, the critically acclaimed restaurant that is number 1 on the New York Observer's list of top 10 greenmarket restaurants. The meal was fantastic but since I didn't feel like sitting down for a long tasting menu, I'm just going to write a few things about the experience.

1. Solo diners get the full range of amuse and prestarters that would normally accompany the tasting menu or farm feast menu. They were simple and probably even better than the rest of the meal. I wish more places would treat solo diners so well.

2. For a guy who is pretty much a carnivore, I have to tell you, I enjoyed every bit of vegetable and fruit on offer. Everything had that ridiculously fresh crispness or softness to it. Among the amuse selections were just simple raw fresh vegetables and they were so, so good. I can only describe the nuttiness of the tomato flavor with the word gorgeous.

3. I walked in at 630pm and was easily seated with no reservation. There is also full menu dining in the bar area. The dining room has a really nice feel to it.

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