Monday, September 29, 2008

Wild day and some NFL thoughts

Wow I didn't think the bill wouldn't pass the house. Good for the house GOP. They're fighting both Bush and the dems now. I've never seen carnage like this. The numbers were way beyond anything I've seen in my 5+ years of trading. Dow down 780, Nasdaq down 200, S&P down 95. The moment it was clear the bill wasn't going through, we sold off right to where we were before the news of a bailout first came out a little less than 2 weeks ago. We took a breather but then kept selling off some more. It was kinda scary, though I'm not so sure what's going on since we sold off hard to start the day anyway. Maybe someone knew something. I sure don't. I have no idea about anything at this point. But at least if we're going down, Buffett's coming with us this time.

Thoughts on the first quarter of the NFL season:

1. I was a Bills fan back in the days of 0 for 4, and it's nice to have a bandwagon to jump back on again, although the last time I was rooting hard for Buffalo the Music City Miracle happened. Even though they haven't beaten any really good teams, they are playing solid on offense, defense, and special teams and will get better late in the season when Parrish comes back. More importantly they are closing out games. Whether ahead or behind, they are making things happen in the fourth quarter and Trent Edwards looks confident.

2. Speaking of closing out games, that seems to be the main problem with the Raiders. But I can see them really coming on in a couple of years, because they have a lot of talent. However, they first need a head coach who doesn't kick a 76 yard field goal as his last play of the half with an opposing defender (Cromartie) who has had experience returning a ball the length of the field.

3. I will always believe that there needs to be a "game theory coordinator" in sports. Too many of these head coaches and managers have no idea how to manage clock and proper risk/reward. Another bad call that was made was when the Saints kicked a field goal already up by 11 with a 4th and 3 and 30 seconds left in the game. The FG does nothing really and gives the opponents better field position to attempt to score 2 TDs than if you go for it on 4th and 3 (which also ends the game if you convert). Sure it's trivial, but these guys make the same mistakes in major situations as well (Cleveland FG against Steelers earlier in the season), and it's a big reason why Belichick is so far ahead of the pack.

4. Can we revoke the NFC West's playoff berth and give it to the NFC East? The Eagles are in last place in that division right now.

5. The Titans are definitely for real with great old school football (defense and running) and Kerry Collins doing just enough. Did you know that Kerry Collins passed the 35000 yard mark earlier this season? If they win the Superbowl, we would at least be thinking about whether Collins belongs in the Hall of Fame, right? 35k+ yards, two SB appearances and a conference title game.

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