Thursday, September 4, 2008


Flipping channels right now between Ed Hochuli showing off his guns in the Giants game and Djokovic dominating Roddick at the US Open. After watching Mardy Fish come out strong against Nadal yesterday, I realized that to beat Nadal, a player would have to have a powerful serve with a kick and the ability to come into the net. I don't think Federer's serve is what it used to be as he doesn't have many 15+ace matches nowadays and while Roddick's serve is powerful, it's flatter. I think Sampras back in his prime would be able to consistently beat Nadal. Watching Djokovic right now though, he does have the serve that could give Nadal trouble. He doesn't come into the net much, but his ground strokes are very solid for sure. As much as everyone is looking foward to another Nadal-Federer rematch and the fight for the true number 1 ranking, I could easily see Djokovic beating Nadal. After all, this is Nadal's first US Open Semi as it is.

Right after I wrote and posted the above, Roddick has just come back to win the 3rd set, and I also realized that since Nadal is the 1 seed, Djokovic would have to beat Federer first to get to Nadal, and I'm not sure that's going to happen.

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