Thursday, July 5, 2007

Dinner at Del Frisco's

Most of my friends know me as a real foodie, so it's been quite surprising that I hadn't been to Del Frisco's yet (a favorite among coworkers). Since I was in the area last night, I decided to stop in and here's my review.

Atmosphere: Great location, nice classy feel. Definitely good for the power lunch/business dinner crowd.

Service: Impeccable. I was seated at one of the cocktail tables and the server was fast and efficient. Again, more business-like than warm and friendly. When he forgot my glass of wine (I thought he purposely waited for it to come with my steak), they gave it to me free of charge.

Food: A little disappointing given all the praise I've heard from coworkers. I ordered the crab cake appetizer, the double eagle strip, the spinach supreme, the mac n' cheese, and the chocolate souffle cake.

Crab cake: Nice fresh crab flavor with a creamy rich sauce. Big mound for big price.

Strip steak: Disappointing. The outside was nice but I wasn't thrilled by the beef flavor inside, especially for a bone-in cut. Maybe needed more seasoning?

Spinach supreme: I tend to like my creamed spinach to be mostly spinach with a touch of cream. This version with the cream and bacon bits felt more like a spinach dip than a spinach side dish.

Mac n' cheese: Nice old-school style with elbow macaroni and sharp cheeses. Rich cheese flavor and creamy.

Chocolate souffle cake: First it was the ubiquitous flan. Then it was the omnipresent creme brulee. Now it's the copied and pasted molten chocolate cake. They have this everywhere now and it's pretty much the same as everywhere else that I've had this. There was less of a molten center than at other places, but the vanilla ice cream and drizzle of rasperry sauce was a nice simple touch.

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