Thursday, July 12, 2007

Poker session results

I give up.

It's not just tilt. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's a personality defect and I'm just not fit for the grind. The session was going well, and I was recovering most of the losses from the previous big downswing. Then I saw a big game open up in Stud/8, actually one of my better games, with no particularly strong players. So I sat in and got bad beat. Again and again, higher set would lose to a boat on river, made two pair would lose to higher two pair on river, higher two pair would lose to boat, set would lose to 3 runner boat, opponents' drawing to a flush on river would hit, opponents' drawing to a low would hit a gutshot against my set, it just didn't end. [I apologize. I said this wouldn't be a bad beat blog but this post is right after the session, and I had to get it off my chest somehow.] In the end, I dropped more than 1300 big blinds and had nothing left in the account.

So I've arrived at two conclusions. First, I'm going to leave poker for a while, and focus back on trading. This way I'll have one less thing burdening me and I'll be able to enjoy my vacation in August. Second, the experiment worked as far as I was concerned. It was profitable over a sample of over 70,000 hands (I lost count) with a respectable but not spectacular win rate per 100 and per hour. Because of this, I do believe I will come back to doing this, but right now I'm burned out.

It is a grind after all, and takes up a lot of my time. With only one month left for me to lose weight and look as good as I can before I go on vacation, I need to be at the gym and playing my Wii in my spare time.

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