Friday, July 13, 2007


NYY -1.5 +105

Wait, there's value betting on the Yankees now? Against Kazmir, no less? Yes, there is value because the Yankees are hot right now. Having won 6 of 8 while Tampa Bay has lost 14 of 15 these two clubs are just in completely opposite directions. Clemens has pitched sensationally in his last two starts and the -145 moneyline actually is pretty good value too considering the Yankees lines are usually skewed to begin with. I vote for the runline because I don't see this game being close. Either Clemens dominates or he gets shelled.

Under 8

With 15 games going today, it's not that unusual to find 2 value bets. Even though both these teams are capable of being offensive monsters, there is usually good value in getting an under of 8 when two aces are pitching. Both are definitely aces and both have the ability to completely shut down the other team for 1 run through 8 innings. Usually Cincinnati eats up bullpens but the Mets actually have a pretty solid bunch and the extra all-star break rest never hurts. By the way, it's Endy Chavez bobblehead doll night.

Running total: +100
Record: 2-1

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