Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Let the weight loss begin!!

So after having my "last meal" at L'atelier, it is time to begin the diet.

I have a lot of motivation as one, I'll be going back to Hong Kong in a month for vacation and I haven't been back in 4 years, so I want to look good. Two, I have a weight loss bet with one of the SVPs at work. The only problem is that we had the same bet earlier in the year. Between the end of January and the end of April, we both lost 10% of our bodyweight to push the bet. Since then, I've gained back maybe 20% of that weight lost while he gained all of it back. So for me to lose another 10% is a lot tougher than for him to lose the same 10% that he had already lost. Oh well, it's motivation....

So how will I go about losing this weight? Well, heading back to the gym is a must. When I was doing the weight loss earlier in the year, I made sure to go 3 times a week. But trying to lose 10% of my bodyweight in 4 weeks, I might try going 4 or even more times a week. Also, I usually have a diet regimen that I follow when I want to lose weight. Usually there's one week of dieting, one week of moderation, and one week of eating whatever. I guess I'll have to do two weeks of dieting and two weeks of moderation perhaps. It's going to be rough.

I make my own diet and meal plans, usually based off of information that I find on the web. One of my favorite sources for diet and nutrition information as well as up-to-date news is http://www.diet-blog.com/ . The site is updated daily on the weekdays and it has a large number of archives that one can look through. Right now the "diet" day consists of a breakfast of juice (carrot/apple/parsley mix or orange juice), an early lunch of pasta (carbs only) from my own recipe, a balanced snack (usually celery dipped in something), a small dinner that is mostly lean protein (chicken, fish, etc.), and a small portion of lowfat dessert (usually a frozen yogurt). Wish me luck! I'll post an update in 2 weeks.

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