Monday, July 23, 2007


The number of quality TV shows dies down significantly after May sweeps, so I haven't been watching much TV of late. However, I do watch Hell's Kitchen (FOX Mondays 9pm) and I love it. As a self-proclaimed foodie, I love watching how the kitchen works, how a master chef thinks and all the little parts to the restaurant business. Also, there were a lot of characters on the show this year that definitely made it even better, including the fat, 48-year old, asian guy who wore a cowboy hat and fainted with his eyes opened. Right now they're down to 3 contestants left, one of whom is Roc, the guy who supposedly will win this according to a leak that made Bodog suspend all betting on the show after about the third week.

Another food related show that I've been watching was The Next Food Network Star, which just ended last night. This was another show with some interesting contestants, including a gay guy who actually looked somewhat like the Jack character from Will and Grace. I thought Amy was the most qualified to win, but that Rory was more of a crowd-pleaser. In the end, Amy won in the fan voting, after she was eliminated but made it back due to JAG's resignation for lying about some of his past experiences. I actually think that the Food Network had intended JAG to be their Latino food personality, and that was why he was given a lot of leeway on some of the challenges and managed to continue till the very end. But when JAG resigned from the competition due to some facts popping up, they had to scramble to put another Latino food program on. And I think that is why every time I'm watching the Food Network they keep bombarding me with this commercial for Simply Delicioso.

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