Sunday, July 8, 2007

Poker session results

Since reaching a mini-milestone at the beginning of the week, I decided to be a little more meticulous about keeping records. I've thought of getting the usual programs (pokertracker, pokeroffice, etc.) but I think regular hand recording is fine for now. My problem was that I wasn't sure what units to measure my profits and losses in. Back when I used to play limit holdem, using big bets/100 seemed to be the standard. But I couldn't find anything similar to relate to for no limit holdem. After looking through some of the twoplustwo forums, I came across the mention of ptbb, which is poker tracker big bets, and essentially is just 2x the big blind. My personal view is that since the average raise is between 3-4x the big blind in NLHE, the big bet comparison might be better using that multiple of the big blind.

Since I'm posting these and letting others do their own interpretation, I'll post P&L in terms of big blinds and let readers use their own multiple. I couldn't seem to copy and format from my Excel, so I'll just post a summary.

hours played 20.5
hands played 10122
hands/hr 493.76
big blinds won/lost 525.1
big blinds/hr 25.61
big blinds/100 5.19

I'm pretty sure these results were on the plus-side of variance and that my true mean numbers will be much less, but it's been fun to have a good run.

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